Consulting & conception

Your concept in good hands

The view from the outside.

Would you like a strategic look over your shoulder, an analysis of your portfolio or a new strategy?
We support and advise you: with flexible consulting and design services that really help you and your projects.

Fantastic idea

…but how do you bring structure to your ideas and brainstorming sessions when the ongoing tasks fill your calendar? We accompany and relieve you in the process: so that your idea becomes a success.


Do you have topics or projects for which you urgently need fundamental concepts to drive them forward?
We at NiSiPharm develop concepts for you: based on your input – or our own ideas and impulses, which we proactively introduce.

Expand your capacities

Ambitious projects, promising concepts, change processes: Sometimes everything comes at once. Then you need more support, that’s clear. We support you as project or interim managers: flexible, competent, reliable.

Design & implement

We at NiSiPharm also support you beyond the consulting and concept phase: We staff the team with NiSi experts who have the best qualifications for this project.

  • Market analysis, determination of potential and development of the marketing strategy for the in-licensing of a medical product (hospital market)
  • Strategic consulting, marketing, sales & distribution planning for the launch of innovative products (vaccines, therapeutics, OTC)
  • Advice on the sales strategy of a mail-order pharmacy
  • Innovation concept in cooperation with HPI of Design Thinking, Potsdam
  • Consulting “Marketing Excellence” training concept
  • PR & Media Consulting
  • Consulting, design and implementation of MFA training concepts
  • Consulting & conception of patient support programs
  • Consulting & conception of disease awareness programs