“Top Women Podcast”
Dr. Silke Sittner: How important is it to find yourself?

A very personal conversation between Dr. Silke Sittner (NiSiPharm GmbH Managing Director) and Cornelia Wanke (Healthcare Frauen e.V.) about healthcare marketing, paths and detours and why it is important to find yourself…

Silke Sittner wrote this at “Initial Broadcast”
in January 2023

“My first time: I really like the podcast medium. Being part of a podcast myself is something completely different. When Cornelia Wanke* asked me if I would like to talk about my work in the healthcare industry and how I got here on her podcast “Spitzenfrauen/Top Women”, I was quite excited at first. Completely in vain, because it was a relaxed, stimulating conversation. And perhaps there are sides of me to discover that you had no idea about. I hope you enjoy listening to it, Silke Sittner!”

*We know each other from our joint commitment to Healthcare Frauen e.V.

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