Patient safety concerns us all.

17.09.2023 is World Patient Safety Day.
Disease awareness campaigns, further training for MFAs, marketing quality:
These are areas in which we at NiSiPharm can contribute directly or indirectly to optimized patient safety. We have written more about this topic in this blog post.

Ensuring patient safety is a key challenge in the healthcare sector.
In a world characterized by constant progress and new technologies, it is essential that efforts to improve the safety and quality of patient care are stepped up.

1. digitization and technology

The integration of digital solutions and technologies has the potential to increase patient safety. From electronic patient records and telemedicine applications to AI-supported diagnosis – it must be ensured that these technologies are not only efficient, but also meet the highest safety standards.

2. interdisciplinary cooperation

Patient safety requires the cooperation of all players in the healthcare system. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, administrative staff and patients themselves must work closely together to ensure that information is communicated correctly and treatments are coordinated.

3. further education and training

The continuous training of healthcare providers is of crucial importance. New knowledge and best practice must be shared so that staff have the knowledge and skills to provide the best possible care.

4. error culture and learning from mistakes

Instead of making mistakes taboo, we should promote an open culture of error. Every mistake offers a learning opportunity to improve processes and prevent future mistakes. Feedback systems and incident analyses are invaluable in this respect.

5. patient involvement

Patients play an active role in their own healthcare. The promotion of health literacy and involvement in decision-making processes help to ensure that their concerns and wishes are respected and that they actively contribute to the safety of their own treatment.

Stakeholders should focus on creating a holistic approach to patient safety that includes technology, collaboration, education, culture and patient-centeredness.

We at NiSiPharm use every opportunity in our daily work to get closer to this goal.

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