It goes without saying: we have a toothache and go to the dentist. We have an anxiety disorder and see a psychologist.

Really? Unfortunately, we have not yet reached the point where physical and mental illnesses are equally accepted.

There are many reasons for this: social stigmas, a lack of psychological therapists and doctors, a lack of reflection and acceptance within ourselves.

Today, October 10, 2023, is “World Mental Health Day”, a day of action launched by the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) – and an important milestone in the recognition of mental health as an integral part of the general concept of health. One focus topic in 2023 is “Digital work and mental health”.

We at NiSiPharm have asked ourselves: “What do we do as 100% remote workers to slow down in everyday digital life?” So that we can ensure the necessary balance between the digital and analog worlds. Sport, nature and creativity away from the computer are the switches for the NiSiPharm employees you see here.

This spring, by the way, our team a resilience program lasting several weeks (remotely, of course) – another important building block on the road to mental health.

And what drives you not to get lost in digital worlds?

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